Win A Free iPhone 6 Plus Giveaway Full Free Just Get It Easy Way

Did you know you can win a free iPhone 6 Plus by participating in competitions? According to Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus is not only bigger but also better than the iPhone. You can find it in a spacious 4.7-inch touchscreen and a seamlessly sleek design that makes it one of the lightest and thinnest iPhones in the market today.

The phone is available with the revolutionary Apple Pay feature which allows a user to pay for items through the use of a simple scan of the phone at the cash desk. You don’t need to use your debit or credit card any longer. In addition to this, the phone comes with an improved retina HD display, which means that the screen is bigger and better.

Another feature that makes iPhone 6 Plus outstanding is the dramatically improved battery life. For 11 hours, you can comfortably enjoy the vivid and stunning graphics without depleting its cattery.

Additionally, it comes with an A8 processor that propels its incredible performance plus an all improved iSight camera with brand new video features and autofocus pixels that drive the camera settings to match with the current situation.

How do you get free iPhone?

There are a number of sites that are giving their customers to participate in iPhones giveaway contests. Customers who are active on their social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook stand a better chance.

To participate in these contests, you are only supposed to fill out your application and follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Participating in these contests is one of the ways to get free iPhones without offers. It is rather obvious that the interest of owning and using an iPhone is in almost every person.

The main reasons why most are attracted to iPhones is because they are designed with a digital camera, computer, iPod, and cellar into a single gadget. In addition, they are fun and easy to use.

How do I get an iPhone Without Offer?

iPhones are high-end mobile devices that are quite expensive for most people to acquire. Due to this, acquiring an iPhone for free without offer may sound like winning a lottery. In other words, it is quite challenging for many people to get an iPhone from Apple Company unless through offers. What can you do to own an iPhone but you are short of funds? Let’s show you how:

Re+Public Apple Giveaway Contest

One of the best ways to grab an iPhone without offers is through participating in Apple Giveaway Contest from Re+Public. Despite the fact that everyone would love to own an iPhone, not everyone can afford it.

It goes without saying that Apple Company manufactures excellent iPhones. Their phones come with advanced features that every person would love to own. For this, their phones are quite expensive. To be fair to the many people who would like to own iPhones but cannot afford, Apple introduces giveaway contests occasionally, such as the Re+Public.

Apple Company tries to reach out to many of their fans who can’t afford to buy an iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 11 without offers. In addition, Apple has implemented certain security measures in such giveaways to prevent bots from participating. The company is much aware that many people are interested in their iPhones and most will use bots to win free iPhones.

In the Re+Public contest, people participate in the competition and the lucky person gets the opportunity to win a free iPhone without offers. Just like Apple Payment Plan Bad Credit, the competition comes with terms, conditions, and the process one should follow.

Terms and conditions

To take part in this giveaway, you are supposed to:

  • Visit the giveaway page and strictly follow the instructions, such as filling accurate and consistent details during the registration process
  • Become an active member on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Frequently share about the product on your social media platforms

Winners will be notified as follows:

  • Winners are announced on the 10th of every month
  • Re+Public Lab will send mails to winners
  • Winners are published on social media
  • The name of winners will appear on the giveaways main page

Become an iPhone Marketing Agent

Another way to get a free iPhone without offer is by becoming a marketing agent. Most companies like Apple require marketing agents to market their products. In most cases, Apple will issue free iPhones without offers to users to introduce them into the market.

For instance, you may be issued a free iPhone from Apple to market if you have a large number of followers on your social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

You can also receive a free iPhone from Apple if you exhibit excellent marketing skills. The company will give you a free iPhone with the hope that you will attract more customers into buying the product.

Being the best Reviewer from Product Testing AU

If you turn out to be the best surveyor or reviewer, you can be lucky to get a free iPhone from Apple without an offer from testing AU.

To participate as a reviewer, you should follow this process:

  • Sign up for free and fill your accurate personal details like email, names, home address, and phone number. You will be contacted to participate as a reviewer.
  • When contacted, answer your offer based questionnaire, write a 500 plus review along with videos and photos of the product.
  • If you are the best reviewer, you will be notified through email. You will then receive your iPhone for testing and personal use.

Get a free iPhone from Amazon Vine

You can also get a free iPhone from Amazon Vine without an offer. Amazon Vine is a program that offers customers free items for personal use simply by airing their honest reviews about such products. When you buy something from Amazon and share an honest review, Amazon can notice and entrust you with the role of reviewing their products. You can create an Amazon account, become a regular customer, and share your honest reviews. Who knows, you might get a free iPhone from Amazon Vine.

Can You Actually Get A Free iPhone?

Yes, you can actually get a free iPhone through a number of online platforms. These include:

  • Participate in Re+Public Apple giveaway contests
  • Become an Apple marketing agent
  • Emerge as the best reviewer from Apple Product Testing AU
  • Provide genuine and honest reviews to get a free iPhone from Amazon Vine
  • Get a free iPhone from your friend or family member

How do I get a free iPhone from XR 2020?

You can get a free iPhone from XR in 2020 when you register your details with Product Testing USA for a chance to be selected. You must be compliant with their terms and conditions and accept to be contacted via email by their sponsors.

To enroll:

  • Apply to test by clicking the “Sign Up Today” button and enter your details. You will be contacted through email if selected as a reviewer.
  • Complete offer-based questionnaire in full after registration
  • Receive the product if selected as a reviewer and get a confirmation through email. You will then receive a free iPhone or a gift card.

Does Apple still support iPhone 6 Plus?

There were conflicting rumors that circulated around before the announcement of iOS 13 launch. It was alleged that the new operating system is not compatible with older versions of iPhones, including iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus. The fact is that Apple still support iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus although these phones are not compatible with the new operating system.


Win a free iPhone 6 Plus can indeed be a dream come true to many people who love this incredible device with outstanding features. The phone comes with other amazing accessories such as apple watch for user convenience.

While not many people are capable of purchasing iPhone 6 Plus due to its costly price tag, Apple Company has created a level playing field where almost anyone can grab one. The great thing is that you too can make your dream of owning a iPhone a reality.

Simply try the platforms we have shared today and you will stand the chance of pocketing one.

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