Benefits of Winning Prize Money – Winning $5000 Every Week

What would you do, if we tell you that you have a chance of winning 5000 dollars for life? Well, it is not a dream and now you can actually win 5000 for life in just a few easy steps. 

To win the cash prize of 5000$ a week for life in 2020 you need to first and fore mostly search your way to the PCH sweepstakes website and read the rules and regulations and requirements, you do not have to purchase anything, just fill the forms. Follow the steps written below to have a chance at winning this dream prize. 

How to Enter the Prize Giveaway? for win 5000 for life

  • For the first step, as written above, you need to go to the website of the competition which is
  • Next, you need to choose your competition and which would be in the rewards or compete or similar section of the website. 
  • Next thing you need to do in order of win 5000 for life, you need to fill a form that might ask for information like full name, address, contact number, email address, and ZIP code, nothing else would be required of you.

Win $5,000 A Week for Life 2020 Entry Limitations:

Enter as Often as You Like: Candidates can enter the competition multiple times without having to receive an affirmation email from the website. One can write to the 101 winners circle which is in Jericho. You can find additional information on the website. Every time a candidate writes to the 101-winner circle, they will gain an additional entry in the ongoing giveaway. For it to be acceptable candidates and participants should have one thing in mind, all the entry requests should be mailed separately. 

No Purchase Necessary: Whether you make a purchase of a product from the website or not, that does not affect your chances of winning at all. The candidate who bought goods from the website and the candidate who didn’t have the same chances of winning so you don’t necessarily need to make a purchase from the website. 

Requirement: The participant of the money giveaway has to be a legal resident of the United States of America or Canada and should be above 18 at the time of participation in the giveaway

Benefits of Winning Money as Prize:

When we think about winning this dream cash prize, we have things in our mind about what we are going to do with the money but in this article, we will talk about the benefits of winning a cash prize and what we can possibly do with the money that we have won. 

Financial Independence

Winning 5000$ a week for life seems like a person is settling for life. This cash can provide you with extra money other than your income and that money can come in handy at many different places. For instance, if you have some financial struggles or you are drowning in loan and debt, with this extra money you can settle that once and for all. Winning cash prize provides us with a certain freedom that an object cannot provide. When we win 5000$ a week, instead of some laptops or some cell phones, we can decide on our own what to do with that money. That is not the case with winning objects for prizes.

Tax Benefits:

Getting cash prize there is another benefit that not many people are aware of. You can take all the winning as cash when you are receiving the prize. When the winner does that, they have to pay a certain amount of tax, and if you get the entire cash at the same time, there will be no future tax payments and one can spend their money without having to worry about taxes and all that. You can manage and work with your money the way you like and find better.

Long-term benefits:

When you win a monetary prize, two types of payments can be done for the prize. One is annuity payment: this is a fixed sum of money you will get for the rest of your life but not in cash. 

The second is the cash payment: this type of payment you can take at the same time. Both of these payments have their own benefits, while if you are thinking about having a constant and stable income coming in and you want to invest the extra money in a beneficial way. Cash payments are better when you are wishing to spend the money partially, for instance, you need to pay off debt or something along the lines of that. 

Psychological Benefits:

Many people think that winning monetary prizes only benefits in monetary situations but there are psychological benefits to these prizes as well. One of the best psychological benefits of winning monetary rewards is to have your financial stress relieved and for instance, the stress of debts or financial struggles can take a toll on human mentality. This stress can turn into hypertension or depression very easily, so yes monetary rewards do relieve our stress and tensions and have its psychological benefits. 

Free Time if win 5000 for life

If your winning prize, for instance, is to receive 5000$ for life every week, then you do not have to spend your entire time working your days away. If you spend this money on a beneficial method than you can spend your time with your family and you can even do volunteering and get started on that work or hobby you wanted to get into more but couldn’t because you didn’t have time back then. Winning a monetary prize offers you free time and provides you with a weekly allowance of sorts, in this case. You can do whatever you wish to do in that free time of yours. 

All in all, winning 5000$ monetary prize for life weekly is not that bad of a deal and you can have your life settled without worrying about a good flow of income and you have many benefits to the extra money you will receive. If you Want to win 5000 for Life then click Here

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