Wheeloffortune.com Hawaii Vacation Giveaway-Base Free Stuff

Who wants to get the free prize of $6000? I am sure that no one will deny to pick it because of the rising needs nowadays. So, wheeloffortune.com Hawaii vacation is the place where you can complete your dream, but it is only for the residents of the USA. The contest opened in July of every year. You have to ask for some requirement to get the number of the application after applying for the contest. Here are the detailed description of all the rewards.

If you win the task, then you will be awarded by the grand prize of $6000 that is too much amount to enjoy the pleasant weather in any country. All the five winners of the wheel fortune Hawaii vacation will get the tickets of the trip for five nights and four days to the beautiful and charming Disney resort & Spa in Koi Olin Hawaii. So, you have a lucky chance in your life. For this, please follow the steps to enter into the programmed.

Table of Contents

Who is eligible?

If we check the official rules and term of the sponsors and the administrators of the wheeloffortune.com, then we can easily sort out the answer to the question. All the people of 50 states including the Washington and New York, are eligible to enter the information on the page. A text message will send into your cell phone if succeeded to get the draw number. If your age is below the eighteen and local resident of America, then you will become automatically successful.

How to Enter?

Here is the method to become part of the task. Read all the instruction very carefully to decrease the problem for you. If you failed to get any mandatory information, then do not forget to visit the real site of the wheel of fortune Hawaii vacation.

  • During the period of the sweepstakes, visit the official website of wheeloffortune.com.
  • There is also a Facebook and twitter page from where you can get access to apply.
  • A form of submission of personal will come into your eyes.
  • You have to put all the biodata like the name, parent name, residential address, email address, zip code, age, and the states of America.
  • Do not forget to add the official phone number, including the code of the country area.
  • There will not mistake in the spellings of all the entered detail.
  • Just use your email address for getting all the updates.
  • Get alert through the email or the website of the www.wheeloffortune.
  • Form all the household members, and a single has a chance.
  • You will receive a text message from the sweepstakes which would help you at the time of draw.

Rules & Detail

  1. The Wheel of Fortune Hawaii Vacation contest is only for all the local people of the United States of America. It does not matter where you are living in all the 50 states. Moreover, your age must be under 18.
  2. The Guam Puerto Rico and the US foreign territories excluded from the residents of the USA.
  3. It started in July, and your age will calculate from the month.
  4. You have only one chance to enter into the rewards competition, but the authority can give you a bonus by sending an email to your address.
  5. The value of the prize of the sweepstake is up to the $6,191, which does not see in the past in any of the giveaway rewards.
  6. All the five winners will get the total amount of prize to $31,211.
  7. Do not open an envelope of the winner list if there is any hole in it or torn from any side and corner.
  8. Check the official stamp of the wheel of fortune Hawaii vacation authority to clarify the real letter.
  9. The sender’s address will be the Wheel of Fortune Vacation Give away III winners List, P.O Box 6375, Burbank, CA 91510.
  10.  The Quadra production is the real sponsors of the wheel of fortune which located in in the 10202, West Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232.
  11.  All the taxes related to the federal as well the local government are applicable on the entrants.
  12.  You cannot challenge the decision of the authority if they stop the competition of rewards without any reason.
  13.  If you added some information into the registration form, then you must be disqualified for a lifetime.
  14.  The prize will give you in the check instruments that is also a crossed one.

Who cannot apply?

It is very clear that if you are the local and permanent residents of the American States, then you do not have any right to become a member of the reward. For example, if you migrated to the USA in some recent years, your name will not appear in the list in the permanent residents. So, do not waste time in any illegal activity. We have seen in the past that most of the applicant rejected due to this reason.

Final Words

I am sure now that you have picked the entire detail about the complete method to apply for the wheeloffortune.com Hawaii vacation. If we compare the cash reward with all the other giveaway ones, then we will fail to find such a heavy offer. Moreover, you have the chance to enjoy a trip to the beautiful area of the world that is the dream of every person in the world.

Lastly, if you still have any question in mind, then check the official site of the www.wheeloffortune.com to see the rules and regulations. I suggest to the entrants that do not add the wrong information because the official knows everything about you. They got the real data from the government of the USA.