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This contains focus only video game giveaway. The world of competitive gaming has now become a serious business like never before. A good example is Kyle Giesdorf who scooped $3 million in 2019 playing Fortnite. This is not the first instance of someone winning a huge price. Globally, there are more than 2.5 billion people who participate in video games and they are contending in all the games.

While tensions can be high in these events, there are other things that people love. These include giveaways and swags. Such items not only remind gamers that gaming is fun but also a great way to lure new players into these competitions.

For anyone who wants one of the best video game giveaways, here are some of the methods and how you can become a beneficiary.

How can I get free games legally?

Reddit Game Giveaways

Are you searching for a big listing of game giveaways? Reddit has got a shoulder you can lean on for game giveaways that run at any given time. From their website, you can browse on FreeGameFindings to get the running giveaways for games and DLC for a number of platforms including PC downloads consoles, Steam, and more.

FreeGameFindings will not always list giveaways unless there are plenty of prizes being awarded. You stand a better chance of getting the game because they mostly give over 1,000 keys. However, there are some restrictions on the kind of games that are available. No mobile games, no free games to play, and no giveaways that require a green light or something of that sort.

The listing is normally frozen when the game giveaway has ended or all the prizes have been awarded. You won’t have to waste your time if nothing is available.

Steam’s Free Weekend Games

Steam is the Valve’s online game library that offers gamers free access to top games every weekend on a regular basis. They take advantage of the free weekend with a sale on that game to lure those interested in buying the game. Access to such games is supposed to expire once the weekend is over. However, you can add the game to your Steam library and get a chance to keep it in most cases.

Free games from SteamGifts

SteamGifts is an online platform that is dedicated to trade free Steam keys. As a user, you can buy Steam keys as gifts and offer them through a random drawing. You will receive points for giving away the games, and in turn, you can trade-in for an opportunity to win other games. The points you will get depend on the value of the game.

The games you can give away and the games you can win have restrictions. You should have a Steam account and all the games you receive should be activated. You cannot participate to win games that are already in your library. Before you personally offer giveaways, you have access to giveaways for lower-value games.

Free Games with Amazon Prime Account

As an Amazon Prime member, you are probably eligible for free games. All members of Amazon Prime are eligible for Twitch TV, through which you can access free games every month. If you are a Twitch TV subscriber, you can enjoy in-game loot and other exclusive offers absolutely free. All that is needed to participate is to connect your Amazon Prime Account to your Twitch TV.

IndieGala Free Video Game Giveaway

Do you like supporting small publishers by trying out their off-the-beaten-path games? If so, you can check the free game giveaways at IndieGala who offers giveaways and also lets their community members give away free games too. These games are mostly from independent publishers.

To participate, you should link your IndieGala account with your Steam account. Gamers from all over the world are free to contest. Winners will find the games in their IndieGala profiles.

What games can I get for free?

It is the right time to keep relaxing with new games with all the chaos going around the world. Perhaps you need free video games to keep playing in the next few weeks and you don’t have the funds to purchase some. The following are some free or extremely cheap games you can enjoy.

  • Goat of Duty

This is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter where you can use lethal weapons, Goat of Duty is not only goofy and fun but also offer its own charm in a genre of exciting games to choose from.

  • Mini Metro

It is not smart to commute through public transport right now for those who can avoid it. If you just missed taking the metro to work, Mini Metro is the game that might fill the void. This is a puzzle strategy game where your main goal is to build an adequate rail transit network to your city whose population is continuously growing.

  • The Stanly Parable

It may not be the most exciting game, but it only lacks combat and action. It is humorous and makes up excellent in writing. You will play as a white-collared Stanley who ends up discovering his weirdly abandoned working place. There is a British narrator who will guide you on which path to follow.

  • Treasure Adventure

This might be the game you are after if you are an introvert who is interested in exploring the great virtual outdoors to enjoy Mother Nature. The 2D open-world game will help you to venture across the world, host guests and look for treasure. All you have is a hat, a parrot, and a boat that appears instantly when you come into contact with water.

  • Capcom Mega Bundle

The humble bundle is currently having an excellent deal, featuring a number of amazing games from Capcom. This is a “Pay What You Want Bundle” from which you can choose the amount of cash you want to spend. You should pay at least $11 at minimum to enjoy a 50% discount to buy Steam keys for Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5.

What game is free on Epic this week?

Epic Game Store offers you plenty of free games every week. It is a site worth visiting frequently to see their exclusive offers. Plus, you can download a free game or join a free-to-play community at any time. Top free games on Epic this week include:

  • 3 out of 10 Ep. 1 Shovel’s Works
  • Wilmot’s Warehouse

Upcoming free games on Epic include:

  • Remnant From the Ashes
  • The Alto Collection

Why is epic giving out free games?

Epic gives out free video games because most gamers can get all of their games in a single place. This means gamers will not have to struggle too much to find games. Gamers are also strongly enticed to have them change their collection.

Epic is also the juggernaut of digital distribution and owns the biggest market share. Thus, they have the ability to offer great and fair deals on a regular basis.

Epic hopes that by giving away free games, they will entice gamers to shift away from Steam and purchase something from their storefront.


With plenty of free games being given away almost every week, there is no excuse for boredom any longer. You can take advantage of this guide to enjoy the best gaming giveaways and you will be on the right path to stock up your library with plenty of games you can reasonably play.

The next time you switch on your PlayStation, keep in mind that gaming is a serious business like any other. You can participate in a global tournament and rake in thousands of dollars plus a cool swag out of the deal.

If you are hosting a new competition, remember goodie bags for both winners and losers. Every player will appreciate some prizes and will be proud to use their time now and then.