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Victoria Secret Gift card Discount

Victoria secret is widely known for its unique sexy lingerie that attracts buyers from across the globe. In addition to their various lingerie designs, they offer great workout gear that will make you comfortable while exercising.

Getting a Victoria Secret gift card is an added advantage because you will be charged less for each item you purchase. That way, you’ll save a good amount of money. Are you considering getting a VS gift card, go ahead as it will come in handy? Read the FAQs about these cards to learn more about how this gift card works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get discounts on gift cards?

Yes, you can. Make smart moves and reduce your monthly spendings by buying a gift card at a discounted price. Victoria Secret often has offers on its gift cards allowing customers to acquire them at a reduced price.

Where to buy Victoria secret gift cards

If you are interested in getting a VS card, visit their website However, this option applies to US residents only. Applicants outside of the US cannot apply or this card or redeem it online. Persons under 18 years of age are also prohibited from applying for these cards.

How do I check my Victoria secret gift card balance?

The simplest way to check your balance is to call customer care or visit their main site and do it online.

Does CVS sell Victoria secret’s gift cards?

No, you can’t get these cards at CVs. Though CVs sell different types of cards, the Victoria Secret card is not one of them. You won’t find it in these other stores; BJ’s Wholesale Club, Costco, Lowe’s Staples, Target, among others.

What can you do with gift cards you can’t use?

  • Check out websites that exchange gift cards.
  • Take the card back to the retailer, in this case, Victoria Secret.
  • Regift it by giving it to someone else.
  • Exchange it or sell it to someone close
  • Offer it to charity
  • Sell it to get cash
  • Buy items using the card then resell them

How often does Victoria secret send coupons?

In most cases, they send three coupons yearly and an additional one on your birthday. This only applies to customers that have signed up to their mail list.

Can you use more than three offer codes Victoria secret?

No, the maximum number of codes you can use is two for every order you place. The only way you can use more than three offers is when you place another order. Two offers or rewards per order. It’s not possible for the customer care to place more than two.

Does Victoria Secret have coupons?

Yes, Victoria Secret has tons of coupons that you can claim and pay less when shopping. Some offer up to 70% off the full-price. That’s a lot of discounts you don’t want to miss out on. Visit its site and get information about any valid coupons that can help you get great items at affordable prices.

Is Victoria secret extending coupons?

Yes, VS extended their gift cards by over four months. For instance, if your card was to expire in April, it’ll still be valid up until August. Always check out their site to learn more about any current extensions, or simply give them a call.

Does Victoria Secret take old bras?

Yes, they do. If you have any old bras you can take them for recycling and in return get a 10% discount when you purchase another bra. Think about it, you’ll be taking out the old, and bringing back something new and refreshing. No wastes, since your old bra gets recycled into something more elegant, more stylish.

Can I use my Victoria secret card at Bath and Body Works?

Yes, you can. Though the card is a private label one, you can use it at Bath and Body Works stores. However, you will not earn any credits or reward points when you shot at these stores. Alternatively, you can US the VS gift card online at their website, or at any of their stores in the US.

What stores can I use my Victoria Secret card at?

You can only use the card at a VS brand store. The card only works when you buy VS products whereby you’ll get discounts depending on the percentage indicated on the card.

How do you redeem a gift card?

After you have select your items and are about to pay, checkout by applying the code in the ‘Offers and payments’ section. This applies to both gift cards and gifts. If you have a member or birthday reward, those are different and you can redeem them under the ‘offers’ section.

Important things to note about Victoria secret gift cards

  • In case of a refund that you had purchased using a gift card, you’ll get a new gift card of the same amount.
  • They range between $10 to $500.
  • You’ll get your eGift card within the same day as long as you order for it before 8 pm.
  • If shipping an item within the US, you can redeem your card through phone order.
  • Customers outside of the US cannot redeem cards online.
  • You can’t use the card to buy another card
  • If you have a credit card balance, you can’t use the VS gift card to pay it off.
  • The card only applies to items that you are purchasing currently, not previous ones.


Generally, gift cards are a smart way of shopping and help you save money. From the above, it is clear that owning a Victoria Secret gift card discount can help you shop for their items at a lower price. Make use of their many offers. For instance, you can earn cashback when you buy the cards for someone else. Enjoy these great discounts by purchasing one and have it sent to you via mail or email. Also, you’ll get these gift cards at a discounted price. Lastly, you can always sell your store credits and gift card if you no longer need it.

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