You Want Tayrona Giveaway? Free Watches by Instwatch

Do you want to win the reward of the Tayrona Giveaway? The maximum amount of the prize is $3, 0000 and some other precious product.

I think you will not leave the chance because of a handsome amount. The sponsors of the instawatch are going to celebrate its 2nd anniversary and wanted to attach their client with some fun. So, I don’t like to waste your time and let’s talk about the entire procedure to win the prize.

Table of Contents

Eligibility of Tayrona Giveaway

For the first time in the giveaway rewards, the tayrona prizes are available for all the world people. So, no matter where you are from, you can submit the registration to win the mega bonus. Moreover, your age must be 18 or over it. The official will demand some basic information about you. So, collect your email address, residential address, zip code, and phone number also. You have to fill a form on the official site of the sponsors.

Who is the Sponsor?

The official sponsor of the tayrona giveaway is the instawatch, which want to increase their sale by doing some advertisement in the form of prizes. It is the way to attract the viewers toward the product. But, the value of the ARV $3,000 is not too lower to leave it for others.

How to Enter?

If you are reliable to complete all the insta watch sponsors’ instructions, follow the link to submit all the biodata there. Please, be careful while filling the data because the sponsors will not give any chance to edit or change the information.

  • At the start, open the link of the site, which is
  • Read all the instruction very keenly so that the chance of faults go away.
  • Check the submission form for taking part in the contest.
  • All the boxes like the name, address, zip code, phone number, address or email, and residency will provide there. Fill all the boxes.
  • When you have completed the form, submit it by pressing the button there.
  • A test message will send to the cell number automatically by the official to confirm your registration.
  • The giveaway prize started in September and remained open till the end of December. So, please do not be late if you want to become part of the reward.
  • Always use your email address and resident; if you found a scam, your application will not process further.


  • You can submit the registration for only one time in life.
  • The sponsors reserved all the rights to change the policy at any time.
  • You did not have any right to claim over the officials.
  • If you win the prize, you must pay all kinds of taxes like the federal government and the local ones.
  • If anyone tried to submit fake information to the authority, he must be disqualified by the sponsors.
  • All the residents from the entire world under 18 did not have the option to proceed with the process.
  • All the names of the winners will declare through the random draw method by using the computer.
  • You can get the winners list by sending an email to the administrators on their address.
  • Your amount of prize will be in the form of a check. If there are any leaking and hole in an envelope, do not receive and send back to the senders.
  • If you failed to get the prize because of leaving the house, you have written in the filling form, and the officers are responsible.
  • The Instawatch authorities can do amendments in the terms and regulations at any time.

Final Words

All the detail about the Tayrona Giveaway prize by the instant watch has described very carefully. I hope that you have cleared all the confidential questions about the task. But, if you still have any problem in mind, then you can visit the official site at for further queries. From my point of view, you must avail the chance because of too much inflation know days. It might chance that you would be the winner of the contest on that day.

In the contest, you will face a lot of competition because you have to complete all the world’s entire countries. Please do not lose hope; it might chances that you will find on the winner’s list. Try your luck always.