Where can I get a Taco Bell gift card?

Gifting someone doesn’t have to be a tough task, especially not when egift cards have revolutionized the game. Looking to surprise someone, give them a Taco Bell egift card that allows them to order tasty Mexican fast food at any Taco Bell restaurant at their own convenience.

E-gift cards are an easy way to order for anything, and they do not require physical presence at the store to redeem them for a product or service. If you don’t want to drive through to one, you can just order a taco bell, schedule a delivery and pick up from your nearest Taco Bell restaurant with a few clicks on your mobile phone. 

Where to buy a Taco Bell egift card

Whether you want to gift your employees a great taco or quesadillas lunch to motivate them for work well done, or simply surprise a group of friends, the egift cards are the most convenient way for you to make a purchase. Taco Bell egift cards are available on the official Taco Bell website www.tacobell.com, their  mobile app and other affiliate online shops specifically dealing with egift cards merchandising like Walmart and National Gift Card

Steps to Getting the egift card

Taco bell, the home of Mexican food since 1962 presents you a variety of options to purchase and send an e-gift card. First, is the online option where you need to login and navigate to the taco bell egift card page, create an account and fill in your personal details and buy the gift card. You can also download the taco bell app, which allows you to make customized orders, from the Google Play store or Apple store.

Visiting your nearest branch is also a great and secure way to order an egift card. Once registration is done, fill in accurate details of the recipient names, location and contact information for the restaurant attendants to make follow ups.

Select a payment method from credit cards, mobile money wallets, paypal or cash (if in a physical restaurant) pay up the amount you want to and check out. The taco bell e-gift card codes will be sent digitally via email, text or app to the person being gifted, and a copy of the same backed up with the originating restaurant

Redeeming the Taco Bell egift card

You have confirmed that the egift card is indeed yours and are salivating for the best Mexican treat for lunch or dinner. Making an order is easy on any of their available online platforms. If through the app, key in the digits from the promo code sent to you and browse through the menu to select an offer that suits the amount on your card.

The taco bell app allows for you, the user to customize your order and request for more cheese or sauce, or even ask that some guacamole not be included or added, amongst other preferences.  You can proceed to schedule a pick up or delivery for your food to be sent home after picking from the menu. Alternatively, you can walk into the taco bell restaurant in your locality and have them screen your egift card from your phone, authenticate it and redeem your food and drink items.

The taco bell app also allows you to check the balance remaining on your egift card thus you can know what to order on your next purchase

Tips to consider before buying the egift card

Taco bell egift cards provide a swift and thoughtful manner to gift a person or more for their birthday or any other occasion. However, online purchasing procedures can sometimes be susceptible to swindlers and scammers. Here are some things you should consider as precautions before processing the egift card order:

  • Read the terms and conditions for buying the digital card on the specific websites that sell them. It may not be exciting to read the long statements that make up the T&C’s but understanding the rules will cushion you from falling to a trap, or paying the wrong amount.
  • Ensure that the taco bell egift card offer is working in your area or the area the recipient lives. Most times, individual taco bell restaurants run the gifting promotions and offers in select stores at different times of the year. Always check this information out and prevent yourself from getting an egift card that cannot be redeemed

Can you get Taco Bell gift cards?

  • Use the egift card during the period it has been slated for use, for example, if it says “must be redeemed after 30 days from day of purchase” try as much as you can to redeem a meal from taco bell within those days. An expired taco bell egift card is as good as useless if nit used within the timelines provided
  •  Use the correct details of the recipient; give the right name, physical location if asked, and accurate contact information. Since this card will be sent digitally, cross check the email address given and the phone number. You don’t want your taco bell egift card to be sent to an unintended recipient
  • Pay the exact amount stated on the offers in the app or website. The prices can range from as low as 5 dollars to as high as 50 dollars or more. If it is a 15-dollar egift card, only pay 15 dollars for each person. Excess amounts may or may not be recovered based on the terms and conditions which you should always read
  • Call the nearest restaurant customer service number for guidance if you experience any trouble purchasing, sending and or redeeming the gift card. If you lost your messages or deleted them, they can always refer back to the copy they have on their database and recover your taco bell egift card amount  


Food is the language of love, well after the universal that is money. Always check out promotions and offers at a taco bell restaurant near you and give your person the satisfying experience of Mexican delights through the taco bell egift card. They can thank you later, after filling their stomachs.

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