How to check your Ross Gift Card Balance

Gift cards are gaining prominence as ideal gift choices for anyone. These electronic and physical cards are the perfect gifts for any occasion, easy to use, and very convenient to a select store. Ross gift cards are not any different as they can be bought online on the official Ross stores websites and loaded with an amount between $10-$150. You only need to select a card design, enter an amount, write a personalized message, and contact details for them to ship the card to you or a friend.

The ross gift cards can be used at any Ross store to buy men and women’s fashion clothing and shoes, home furniture, jewellery and beauty products at a bargain. After buying your items, you need to find out your Ross gift card balance to plan your next shopping trip.    

Is it possible to check your gift card balance?

A lot of people ask if the balance on a limited amount of gift cards can be checked. There is the fear that since it was a gifted card, you may not have the authority to check the balance. That isn’t the case, it is possible and within your power to find out your gift card balance. Make sure that the person who gifted it to you gives you all the details that came with the card, the card number, and other relevant papers and ensure that the gift card has not been tampered with. 

Ross gift cards have at least 3 ways for you to confirm the balance on your card. Knowing your Ross gift card balance is the first step to making proper financial decisions that fit your budget. The procedure is very simple and straightforward. To check your balance, you should:

  1. Call Ross on their phone line 1-800-798-4055 which is printed at the back of the gift card
  2. Walk into a physical Ross store, get to the help desk and ask an attendant to help check your balance
  3. Read your invoice/receipt after making a purchase-the amount spent versus the balance shall always be indicated on the receipt
  4. Find them on their social media pages and make your query. A customer service representative will book your question and link you to the right person

Factors to consider before purchasing a Ross gift card

Buying a Ross gift card can be a good or bad experience that opens you for frauds if you do not know a trusted place to buy them. There are many third-party merchants online who stock gift cards and sell, the problem with this is that you may not confirm the authenticity of the card sold to you and the Ross Gift Card balance in the card. Be careful when buying Ross gift cards, the safest place to get them is their site, and their physical stores. This is what you must know before making the purchase.

  • Terms and conditions; read the terms that govern the gift card promotions. This is a good place to start as you will know if the gift card can be presented at your local store.

It is important to know the company policy on gift cards on a matter of things for example, Ross are not liable for the loss of your gift card.

Is there any fee being charged in shipping costs after activating the card and can this change the ross gift card balance? You should know this before purchase and stay in control of your money

  • Time to redeem the gift card; how fast or how long can you use the gift card? Ross gift cards do not expire thus can be used at any time in the year. However, it is advised that you use your gift card as soon as it is activated to prevent losses or simply forgetting that you had a gift card to redeem
  • Amount limit; Ross gift cards allow amounts from as low as 10$ to a limit of 150$ on the gift cards. These accepted limits help you decide the amount you can load on a gift card for your recipient
  • Shopping avenues for the gift cards; where can you use the gift card? Is it possible to use it both in a walk-in store and online platforms? Ross gift cards for instance cannot be redeemed online or used to shop online. They do not offer egift cards.
  • Customer care services; find out if there is a customer support give you adequate advice to help activate your card or check the ross gift card balance on your cars

Ross gift cards

Each time you use your ross gift cards, sign on the allocated place at the back of the card to prevent other users from stealing it for their own use. Keep your card number and pin secret for security purposes and remember to buy the card from a reliable vendor whom you can follow up with in case you have any issues with the card.

In case, you forget your gift card at a store counter or any other place, please report about the loss immediately to relevant authorities; police, and the store to have the card number blocked and your money secured, even though the store may not replace the gift card or refund the amount in it. 

Want to earn more money using your gift card? You can redeem your ross gift card balance for cash especially if it is less than $10 in select Ross Dress for fewer stores running the promotion. With a Ross gift card, you can buy lots of unique items in their chain stores at the cheapest discounts.


To know how much money, you have spent and the remaining amount, always call the number at the back of the card to get your Ross gift card balance. Buy the ross gift card for your friends, families, or yourself and reap the benefits that come with possessing a gift card that can be redeemed at any of the Ross Stores throughout the state.