What one must do in a Kentucky Derby as a first-timer?

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In this article, we will talk about what one should do at the Kentucky Derby as a first-timer. 

One Can’t Revel in the Kentucky Derby Without the Kentucky Oaks:

Kentucky Oaks is run one day before the Derby day and many first-timers miss this because they are much too excited about the ‘Derby Day’. 

Held at Churchill Downs, the Kentucky Oaks is a grade I race but the only difference between Derby Day and Kentucky Oaks is that in the Derby, it can be colts, geldings, and fillies even. For Kentucky Oaks, it is just the fillies, this is a historical event and has been held at Churchill Downs for quite a long time and the boxes for the audience is filled with the color pink. 

Kentucky Oaks is also called as the ‘Race for the Lilies’, the event is partnered with the Susan G.Komen for the Cure and Horses and Hope. This community works for the horses and has raised an amazing cause for the participants and the survivor’s parade leads the race. This spectacular event isn’t to be missed since after all, it works for a greater cause and there is a lot of fun in it. 

Huge Crowds; Need to Plan Ahead of Time:

On the main event day, the Derby Day, Churchill Downs is famous for hosting over 100,000 people and that is just an approximate count of the crowd. The traffic, the rush, the parking troubles, and everything in the middle of it all. On top of it all, the lodging issues, over 100,000 people, some might be from nearby areas who do not require lodging but the travelers do and there is quite a large count of these travelers. 

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Tailgate Parties:

There are so many things to look forwards to in the Kentucky Derby and one of the most major ones, after the Kentucky Oaks, is the tailgating. 

Tailgating, if you are not aware of is basically parties that are held in large parking lots with grills attached to the cars and there are burgers, hotdogs, subs, alcohol, and everything you can think of eating in a party. 

While at Churchill Downs, outside coolers, grills, beverages, cans, and larger carriers are not allowed inside the track, the Churchill Downs does provide the Ultimate Derby Tailgate, it is a premium open bar and car bar and there is a whole complimentary buffet of amazing and mouth-watering gourmet food. One cannot miss this awesome tailgating party at the Kentucky Derby. This is an amazing plus point to Derby Day and many people enjoy their time at the tailgating parties and relax and forget about their everyday problems and worries. 

This event relaxes you and makes your take a chill pill and just a breather for a few days. 

Preparing for the Elements of Kentucky:

The days of the events are 1st May and 2nd May, and this time of the year, especially in Kentucky, it is either beautiful and sunny, extremely hot or rainy, and chilly. One can never predict the weather beforehand so what do you do? Every regular audience or people who have attended the event for more than two times knows the answer but many new attendees don’t. 

So, the answer is, you prepare for everything beforehand. This extremely unpredictable weather might put you in a difficult situation since in the history of Derby Day, never once has the event been canceled or delayed due to weather. The solution is to have exclusive hospitality access. 

This hospitality area in the Kentucky Derby Track stadium is an escape from all the weather elements. You can chill under the cooling of an air conditioner if it is hot or take a breather from the crowd and rush of the huge mass of attendees inside this area and you can also get your seats with an amazing view of the race and furthermore you can get shelter from rain and sun.


Two Most Exciting Minutes in The Sports:

What does, “Two most exciting minutes in the sports” mean? Now, this whole statement basically describes the Kentucky Derby race, why you ask. Because it only takes the horses and fillies and geldings to complete an entire run of the 1 1/4-mile track. 

This sport is exciting and short and very enjoyed by the public and attendees. So, what exactly do you do after these two minutes? 

Will the tailgating parties are there, one can always place wagers on the horses and you can even enjoy all the pre-race festivals and small events which are held on the track. There is also sometimes an appearance of celebrity jockeys in the hospitality areas or just celebrities in general. So, there is a lot to enjoy and you will not regret this vacation. 

Final Word

All in all, Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby which are held at the Churchill Downs are amazing events with loads to enjoy and very less to complain about. If you are done with the festivities, you can always just roam around the city of Louisville, it is an amazing and very gorgeous and exciting city. There is much to do around the place that you cannot imagine. Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage Homestretch Sweepstakes offer is the best to offer to catch it now. Happy Reading

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