Benefits of having an iPad – iPad giveaway

Are you want to iPad giveaway Then this page for you. You want to own an iPad for the longest time ever but you can’t fit it into your budget and you also need to save for other things and spending so much on an iPad seems like a choked-up cause to you. Well, worry not, the RTM or Right This Minute has been holding up different giveaways and all you need to do is guess the correct buzzword and own an iPad. It is that easy.

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How can you take part in the giveaway, easy, firstly visit their page here at iPad giveaway. What you would need to do is to visit the website and figure out the right buzz word of the week. It is that simple. 

How to take part? of iPad giveaway

You can easily take part in the giveaway; just keep some of these rules in your mind:

  • The contestant has to be 18 or above in age. 
  • The contestant should be living and be a legal resident of the United States of America (USA). 
  • No employee of the establishment and their other sponsors and family members can take part in the giveaway.
  • Per person per week competition entry is allowed you cannot take part in the weekly giveaway for more than once.
  • All the drawings are random and not affiliated with someone neither is biased for anyone. 
  • All the winners will be notified by the email. 
  • All the winners should reply back by email in the next five business days, after the announcement, to claim their reward. 

These are the main rules that should be kept in mind when participating in the giveaway. Make sure you fill the forms clearly and are on time to answer the buzzword of the week and you will become the proud owner of an iPad. 

Since we are on the topic of iPad and receiving one, what are the benefits of owning an iPad? Everyone seems to want one because everyone seems to have one. But what do you actually do with an iPad; we will also discuss that in this article.

Benefits of owning an iPad:


The basic and kind of the most major advantage of owning an iPad are that it is portable. The largest iPad is about 12.9 inches while the smallest one is just 8 by 5.3 inches. This gives the iPad an advantage to be able to fit just into any normal bag and you do not especially require a bag for it. This feat of portability also comes in handy when utilizing the iPad can you can easily use it in bed, on the couch, while standing, or even while lying down. 

Amazing Application Choices:

There are many applications or apps for short, in iPad and the user can utilize any of these apps in their daily life. These applications mainly include the web browser, a calendar, an alarm clock, maps, notepad, video call application, mailing system, and even a contact list. There are also many iPad specific applications like a camera, photo app, music player, and a video library. The user can also work with iWork suits and iLife to use applications like a word processor, spreadsheet, music studio, video editor, and presentation software.There are also many different free applications on the app store, with games to programming to music to libraries, and so on and forth. 

The Awesomeness of Siri:

Siri is known all around the world as Apple’s intelligent and extremely smart digital assistant. Siri is dismissed by many people as a marketing tech and nothing useful but Siri is more useful then given them credit for. She is capable of one too many things, which includes her sense of humor as well. 

Siri can be used to set reminders for multiple things, as important and major as a meeting and deadline for a project to minor as taking out the trash or even to go grocery shopping. Siri is a digital assistant, she can keep track of your everyday routine and schedule, reminding you when you need to do what. She can text people for you, without you touching the screen, make phone calls, play music, update your Facebook status, and even search for things online and launch applications for you. There is nothing Siri can’t do.  So, apply in the iPad giveaway right away and get your iPad without much hassle.   

Battery Life: 

IPad is known to run for approximately 10 hours without the need to recharge; this beats the battery life of your laptop. While many people think that iPad has bad battery life and runs it too soon, that is not the truth. Even if you are watching your favorite series on Netflix and thinking about marathoning the entire series, it will at least take 7-8 hours of constant usage for the iPad to run out of battery. 


Having cellular data connection on your iPad is amazing as it can easily replace your GPS unit in the car. This is one of the many benefits of an iPad over a laptop. iPads with cellular data have assisted GPS chips installed in them, with the addition of Apple Maps you iPad can be used as a GPS unit for as long as you want. 

All in all, the iPad is very useful and can be used to do many things from checking your mail and replying to reading your favorite novel, from being a car’s GPS unit to being your home theatre with you marathoning your favorite series. So, take part in the RTM iPad giveaway as soon as you can because it is very beneficial.


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