Price is right play at home Giveaway-Base Free Stuff

Do you like to watch and play the price is right? Do you want to get some prizes by playing the game? I know your answer will in yes because of many wishes in every person’s mind. Then, the price is right to play at home is one of the best spots to avail of the opportunity for you. One thing takes into account that this contest is only for the residents of the United States America. Here are some detailed descriptions and rules to play the game at home. Please do not skip any line if you want complete information about achieving the goal.

Who is eligible for it?

You could be part of the game if you belonged to the USA and your age 18 or more. On the other hand, you must become a resident of the country as the migrated people do not have a chance to apply. Moreover, it is only for all the 50 states of the US and the District of Columbia. So, remember these things before using them for the contest.

How to play the price is right at home?

If you love to play the game, the price is right at home, then call the authorities’ official number at 1-855-507-7423; you will get a response in a few times. It took just 10 minutes to proceed with the process. You have to wait for this.

At the time of the phone call to the sponsors, they will try to satisfy to complete the survey and review it with the third party. Moreover, you will get one additional code and prize every month of the time during the sweepstakes. So, if you agree with the third party, it does not mean that you will win the award.


You can only one time to apply for the competition. If you tried to call 2nd time on the same phone number, you would be disqualified from the contest. Moreover, no one joins the goal from the same number at your house. If you tried to scam again using the other telephone number, you would not process it. The official knows everything about the biodata of the viewers. So, be careful always in the giveaway shows.

Timing & Period

It is essential to know the complete detail of timing and how to play the price is right play at home. The contest started in September 2019 and remained to continue until the same month of 2020. You have a choice to take part in 12 months in a year. So, you have more chances to win this goal than all the others. It started on the 5th of them every month and ten days left for the applicants. Here is further detail.

  • If you apply on the 5th of September, you have ten days to call the office to make a place in the contest.
  • On the 15th of the month, the process of new entry will close.
  • A draw of all the winners will declare on the 16th of the same month.
  • This process is the same for all the other 11 months of years.
  • If you failed to apply in a month, then you can make sure your presence in the next month of the same spot.
  • The show’s timing started from the 5th date (8:00 AM) to the 15th of the month (7:59 AM). So, do not late if you like to join the party.

What is the prize?

The form of the cash relies upon the taking part in the contest. There are four types of rewards by the official.

  1. You will get a check by the administrators to cash it on the due date.
  2. They sent a prepaid visa card to the address of the applicant.
  3. An HDTV for the entrants.
  4. They will give Airfare with accommodation for a maximum of 2 people only.

Official rules for playing

Here are the terms and regulations for the viewers that will help them understand the sponsors’ rules.

  • If you call the given numbers of the contest, you will automatically become the entrants into the game. However, you have to follow all the instructions on the phone.
  • The decision-making body will observe all the entries during the entire play’s entry period, and then they will draw the result using the computer as a random one.
  • The official will ask to suggest the price of the item. You can tell them without any hesitation because it is only for entertainment and function for you.
  • If you succeeded in telling the item’s right price, it does not mean your number chances have been increased.

List of Winners

The winner’s list is made at the end of the month, and you can get it from the sponsors. At the same time, the final date of list updating is the 30th of September. For getting the real winners list, send an email to the Sponsors’ address with the title of the “The Price is Right Play at Home Game, winner List request by adding. You will get at the spot when they checked your message in the mailbox.

Final Words

I described all the key points to play the game at home and win the prize. If you still want to inquire about any question, then go to the official place of the price is right play at home. On just a phone call, you can take part in the contest. You have to abide by the laws and policies of the sponsors. Please do not try to provide fake information to the office because it can disqualify you for the next coming life. I suggest to get the code and win the prize for balancing the budget of the month.