Enter Code-Adventure to Win Game at McDonald’s

Do you like to win the prize for Most of the people failed to complete the household needs nowadays due to hiking of price. If you agree, then enter code on the give registration for further procedure. I am here to tell you all the steps to apply for the contest. You have to read the entire content for getting the detail. I don’t want to waste your time. Let’s start with the main goal.

What is the limit?

It would be best if you belonged to the United States of America, and your age would be 18 or more than it. Only one game will take place during a day, and you will get a code from the McDonald restaurant. In the other contest of giveaway, I have failed to see such a high reward without investing.

What is the process?

Due to the release of the new movie of Frozen 2 in November, McDonald’s’ restaurants gave the viewers a chance to do shopping on the Disney store. When there do specific shopping on that store, they will receive a free Disney card. On every box of the meal during the Frozen 2, you will get Code-free to draw the prize randomly. It is very interesting for all the entrants in the competition.

How to get a ticket?

There are two methods to purchase the ticket for the prize. It is up to the applicants who are better for him. Here is the detail of the two prominent choices.

  • If you want to purchase

In the purchasing method, you have to get the Happy Meal of Frozen 2 from McDonald’s main branch. There will be a ticket in the box. On every ticket in the meal box, you will see a code of winning task and check whether the cod is alphanumeric.

  • If you do want to purchase

The other method if you do not like to purchase the ticket there, then get the printed card through the email address. There will be an email address, contact number, stamp on an envelope, an adventure of the McDonalds adventure, and the address of the P.O. Box 49430, Strongsville, OH 44149-0340.

How to Play and Win?

You must have a happy meal account to enter or scan the winning codeCode. You can create with the help of the official website as well the application of McDonald’s. All the processes will do during the given period by the sponsors. Moreover, you will not get any additional time to apply.

  • By using the app of McDonald

At the start, you must have the McDonald; if you do not, then install it soon. All the terms and conditions would be there, and you have to follow all of these. The signup process started when you clicked on Toy Story 4. 

After completing the signup process, click on the Scan code to create the 2D –the barcode. An alphanumeric Code of 12 digit code on the given place of the site. You will automatically get the response of the application. After that, your name is processed for the next procedure.

  • By playing online

In this method, you have to enter the detail to sign up. It is an easy and manual option for all the applicant. Open the site of and follow all the given instructions to Add Code manually. When your code is scanned, then a message will send to your smartphone. The name of the winner took from the drawing random option.

What is the Prize?

The sweepstakes prize of Disney Gift is up to the $500. On the other, 30 applicants can get the $500, whereas the $25 for the 5,000 entrants.

Rules & Detail

All the terms and regulations must be abiding by the applicants. These rules will help you to know the official laws of officials and sponsors.

  • You can only apply for one time; if you try 2nd time, you will find scam while checked by the sponsors and officials. 
  • If you are 18 or over than it, then you are eligible to apply for the reward.
  • All the taxes apply to the entrants like the federal as well as the local taxes.
  • The decision of the jury would be final. You do not have any right to claim the winner’s list.
  • The detailed winning list will send to all the applicants with the help of the email address.
  • You must belong to all the 50 states of the United States of America and Columbia districts.
  • The reward of cash will in the form crossed check.
  • The address of the sponsors and administrator is available on the official site.
  • Once you have entered the detail on the submission form, you do not have any time editing it. So, be care full at the time of putting your persona data.
  • Suppose you enter an invalid email address or missing some information. All the responsibility for the applicant.
  • Be updated with all the latest information by keeping touch with the page on Facebook and Twitter.

Final Words

I hope you picked all the information about applying for the task of the enter code. It is very simple in both options by buying a meal box and get the bar code to enter the official site, while on the other hand, you need to install the application and scan the code for the next process. 

Do not forget to put all the basic information about you. Type the address very clearly because the winning list will send on the residential address. If you still fail to pick all the essential details, go to the site and follow all the instructions there. According to my opinion, you must try it for fun and additional money for you.