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Do you like to win the prize of the Joe Kenda Christmas Giveaway? I know your answer must be yes. Then does not late be part of the contest. The administrator and sponsors released the $5000 visa gift reward after every hour. There is no big problem to apply for the draw as I gathered all the information for the viewers to decrease there issue regarding the procedure method.

You have to watch the Homicide Hunter Marathon’s TV show, which is on the discovery. The host will give a code word after an hour. Moreover, keep in touch with the page of the for getting all the updates.


All the local and permanent residents of United States America are eligible to participate in the prizes’ contest. If you do not have a lifetime residency in the U.S, then please stay away from the competition to give the others a chance.

 In this draw, the authorities have change rules regarding the entrants; now, if you have age 21, you are also eligible for the contest. For getting official terms and regulations, enter the page or website of the You will easily find all the things that you want here.

Significant Points

  • The prize of the rewards will be in the form of cash.
  • You will receive $5000 after winning the contest.
  • No one can take part in the draw for two times. You can apply for only 0ne time.

What to do at the start?

Everyone knows that there are only two months left in the Christmas, and all the fond of the Joe Kenda are waiting for it. When the Marathon of the Hunter Homicide started, you need to watch without any delay. While you are watching it on the TV, a code word will update there after the completion of every hour. You must catch it and enter into the Joe Kenda Christmas Giveaway to create chances for winning.

How to Enter?

See the marathon Hunter Homicide to observe the discovery from the 24th of December to the 26th of the same month. Oversee the TV screen because the hosts posted secret codes of the prize after every hour. Write the code on a specific place and then open the site of the and put in the given block where required. Do not forget to fill the registration form because, without registration, you cannot become the participant. Here is the step by step detail to apply.

  •  A secret code will appear on the screen after every hour.
  • You have to online and open the website of the, where the code will enter at the give specific place.
  • Now, start to fill all the online registration form boxes to become a member of the contest.
  • Add the detail about you like the contact number, email address, the name with parentage, and the residential address where you live in the United States of America.
  • I am again alert you that you do not fill the form if your age does not meet the 21 or have already been the part of the contest.
  • All the winners will get a prize in the first week of every year.
  • The winner of the gist’s announcement will do through the random drawing by using the computer facility.
  • There is a prize of $5000, which will award you if you found in the list.
  • If you did not write your resident’s exact address, then the sponsors and administrators are not responsible.
  • The decision of the body would not challenge anyone from the applicant.
  • They can change the rules and regulations at any time without saying to the viewers.
  • You must pay all the taxes of the federal government as well as to the local government.
  • You will receive an envelope from the decision body within the 60 days of the winner’s declaration. If there is any problem with the prize paper’s cover, then do not open and return to the sender as soon as possible.
  • Check the address of sponsors and administrators because the scammer is also trying to catch you.

Who will disqualify?

Suppose you try to provide fake information to the authorities, like the multiple uses of phony details regarding the email, address, name, and address. In that case, the administrators will surely disqualify you for all the life. In the past years, it has also seen that some viewers try to leave the wrong detail and disqualified.

Moreover, suppose you failed to give the real biodata to the officials, like the overage and number of chances. In that case, some of the residents are not local and apply for the gifts; the authorities will not entertain them.

What to do if failed to get code?

Suppose you could not get the secret code by watching the Homicide Hunter marathon, then do not worry because the sponsors and administrators update the code after every hour on the official page and the site. You have touched in the specific days of competition.

Sum up

The Joe Kenda Christmas giveaway is fun and came up in the 50 states of the United States of America at the start of the Christmas. I hope you have got all the precious information about the method to apply for the rewards. By just entering a simple code of secret to the official site of the, your name will join in the draw. After that, you have to wait for the time of the draw. Your reward will be at your doorstep without any problem. You must add the real resident’s address at the time of the application; otherwise, you are solely responsible for any issue. The authority will not entertain you.

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