Does Ipsy accept gift cards or e-gift cards?

IPSY is an affordable and extremely popular beauty subscription box in the market. If you are deciding about picking the popular favorites, we will help you select the best that is perfect for you.

We will breakdown the helpful information you are probably looking for, like the types of beauty products you should expect, their customization options, and other benefits you will get from these brand offers.

Why Buy an IPSY Gift Card

Once you purchase the gift card, the recipient will be advised to make use of the card at IPSY. You can also use this gift card everywhere MasterCard is accepted as a payment method. It is important to refer to the Cardholder Agreement for further details.

You can buy IPSY gift cards through various online platforms, such as Treat. These online outlets make it easy to buy gift cards online for millions of merchants. These range from small boutiques to national brands that can all be purchased in one place.

Your IPSY gift card can be delivered in unique “ready to gift” packaging, such as high-quality greeting card containing a customized message and a design of your choice.  The gift card can be delivered directly to you or other recipient through USPS First-Class or Priority Mail.

Delightful Packaging

The best thing with IPSY is that you can find the perfect gift card that will be sent in delightful packaging. Delivery is available for all the places you may want, including local spots and national brands. You can also get new types of gift cards for different experiences, such as the Out to Dinner Gift Card, travel gift card, Theater Gift Card, and more.

Convenient Ordering and Quick Delivery

Another good thing about IPSY is that you can order quickly and conveniently online. And guess what? It will be delivered in as little as 3 business days.

User Friendly

Unlike traditional gift cards, IPSY ensures that their gift cards are easy to use and manage. For instance, with IPSY Gift Card you can conveniently check your balance simply by texting a number a number printed on the front side of the card. All the information about your card can be accessed through online.

Enhanced Security

IPSY gift cards are safer to use than gift certificates. In the event that your gift card is lost or stolen, you can request for a replacement online.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

IPSY gift cards come with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  In addition, is you or the recipient requires any help, you can easily contact their customer care support team at any time of the day through email.

Plenty of options

IPSY gift cards are available for almost every occasion. They include:


IPSY gift card subscription is affordable. It costs $10 per month but less if you sign up for a longer subscription. You will receive 5 items every month, along with a cute makeup bag with every box. The packaging and design change very month. Although IPSY features some high-end brands, you will also receive a mix up with beloved drugstore brands.

Although IPSY will cost you just $10 per month, the real value of what is inside ranges between $30 and $50 per month. Sometimes it can be worth even more.

Does IPSY do gift cards?

Unfortunately, IPSY doesn’t offer gift cards according to our recent review. It is a good idea to check IPSY’s website to find out if they have updated their gift card policy.

The good news is that IPSY does offer coupons and discount codes. You can simply use IPSY coupons to access discounts at their website.

What does IPSY offers?

IPSY will offer you a little bit of everything that is related to beauty. You should expect a mix of nail polish, makeup, skincare, and occasional perfume samples. It is also common to find makeup tools such as brushes featured quite regularly. It is worth noting that the combination of which beauty categories that are presented in each box are determined by the preferences you have selected in your profile.

How much is a year subscription to IPSY?

To ensure that all your beauty subscription experience is personalized to suit your needs, you can now select from one of three membership options. The Glam Bag memberships include:

Glam Bag 101

Glam Bag 101 is a monthly makeup bag that comes with 5 deluxe-sized beauty samples that are selected based on your profile settings. You will get a mix of makeup products, hair care products, nail products, and skin care products. You will also have an option to pick one of your products every month for an added personalized experience.

After signing up, you will get your first bag the following month but it is possible to get it the same month depending on the date you join.

The Glam Bag 101 is a $50+ value for only $12 a month for monthly members and $132 for members that enroll for an annual subscription.

Glam Bag is available in both the United States and Canada.

Glam Bag Plus 101

The Glam Bag Plus is the second membership offering that features even more opportunities for full-size products and personalization. The plan features five full-size products that may include hair care products, nail products, skin care products, and makeup products depending on your profile settings. In addition, you can choose three of your five full-size products to ensure that the bag is perfect for you.

You will get you first bag the next month after signing up although you can get it the same month depending on the date you join.

Monthly members of Glam Bag Plus will enjoy a $120+ value for just $25 per month.

You can also get the Glam Bag Plus and the Glam Bag at the same time. There is an option to subscribe for both memberships if you sign up for the Glam Bag Plus plan.

Glam Bag Ultimate 101

Glam Bag Ultimate 101 is the newest membership plan for IPSY gift card. It is designed for those obsessed with beauty and the bag comes with mix of full-size and sample products.  You will get eight full-size products and four deluxe samples. Based on your profile, expect skin care products, nail products, hair care products and makeup products from reputable and indie brands.

Glam Bag Ultimate is a $250+ value that will cost you only $50 per month,

Is IPSY really only $10?

If you go by the packages we have explained above, IPSY has more to offer for $10 for the Glam Bag 100 monthly subscription. In all the three membership packages, you will be receiving beauty products that are way above your subscription.  

How do I contact someone at IPSY?

You can easily contact IPSY directly to get support through their social media channels. Alternatively, you can IPSY Care through their official help website and click “Get Instant Answers” to help you get answers to questions you may have.

According to their website, IPSY will respond to your questions within 24 hours.


If you are a beauty enthusiast, signing up for an IPSY Gift Card is a great way to quench your beauty thirst. IPSY have affordable membership plans that can fit your cosmetic needs without digging too much into your pocket. Why not enroll today and get the opportunity to surprise the person that matters most in your life, someone celebrating their birthday, send a special message for an important occasion, and much more? Or start receiving your cosmetic products from beloved and reputable brands in less than one month! Sign up today!

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