iPhone X Giveaway 2020 – Chance To Win iPhone X!

Are you looking for a revolutionary brand like iPhone X from Apple that most people are seeking for naturally? Then you can make use of this excellent opportunity and participate in contests with iPhone X giveaway.

There are very few companies that will offer you the opportunity to win iPhone X which buyers have to part with about $1,000 depending on point of purchase. Luckily, you can grab this chance of walking away with the iPhone X from Republic Lab’s 4th Annual Giveaway.

Given it is a reward, Republic Lab is willing to give Limited numbers of brand new iPhone for the few lucky winners who will be selected in their contest.

You need to follow certain terms and conditions to apply and stand a chance of winning. To start with, let’s look some of the important features that make iPhone X a device you should have.

iPhone X Unique Features

This brand new device comes with a 5.8 inch super retina screen that will automatically appeal your eyes. Its display deploys new levels of technologies and a body design of elegantly rounded corners.  

Before its launch, Apple fans were craving for its release while those without financial abilities were looking for iPhone X Giveaways like the one Republic Lab introduced.

Some of the crazy features for Apple fans that come with iPhone X include:

  • Sensational animoji’s that will capture your facial muscle movements
  • Wireless charging from any power source
  • Facial recognition to either lock or unlock your iPhone X
  • An OLED display which appears like edge to edge
  • Dual lens camera for enhanced photos or images

These happen to be some of the exciting features that come with this new arrival from the giant company, Apple. It’s after realizing these unique features that many people are relentlessly placing their orders.

Can I get a free iPhone X?

It can be extremely exciting to get a free iPhone X. Owning one of the best phone in the market without spending a penny is a great achievement. However, free things are hard to find and you will end up spending your cash at some point.

If you have searched for “free iPhone X” on Google, you have probably come across plenty of opportunities awarding phones. While few of these are legitimate online giveaways, most of them are scams that will try to get your personal information like email address, date of birth, and other sensitive details. Scammers will then steal your identity or sell your data to advertisers.

Some of the legit iPhone X giveaway sites include Republic Lab and Cult of Mac. However, your chances of getting a free iPhone X through these legit sites are very low. The best way to go about it is to look for genuine retailers where you can get the iPhone X at a discount.

Can I win iPhone X?

You can win iPhone X by participating in legitimate online contests such as Republic Lab. Legit online contest sites have simple credit systems that will help you earn by participating in some simple tasks like subscribing to their You Tube channel, complete surveys, shop online, play video games, and much more.

After joining by submitting your name and email, you will be included in the contest list once your email address is verified.

If you entered iPhone X contest, you will receive the confirmation message. You may be requested to follow their social media pages and become an active participant for higher chances of winning.

Is the free iPhone 11 giveaway real?

Yes, the free iPhone 11 giveaway is real and you too can stand a chance and win this great phone that is available at a premium price. It is not a gimmick or scam but the newest member of the iPhone family has finally landed at Republic Lab and you can own it without spending a coin.

The promotional offer from the Republic Lab is only running for a limited time and all the winners will receive products worth $999. This is an international giveaway where all the participants will be notified when the promotion closes.

Is the iPhone X worth it in 2020?

Apple launched iPhone X in 2017 which took the world by storm and brought the fancy future of technology to the present with features that never existed before. iPhone X series are now available at affordable prices through online sales.

Currently, there are very many options you can choose from depending on the cash you are willing to spend. For instance, iPhone XR is one of the best gadgets for 2020 credit to high speed and battery life with moderate use. However, it will soon be a year less of software from Apple and doesn’t make to be the best iPhone model for 2020.

Perhaps iPhone 11 is a greater choice for 2020 with awesome features and slightly better battery life.

In short, iPhone X may not be worth it in 2020. Why not save the much you have and wait for newer versions that Apple will be launching in years to come?

How can I get a free iPhone test?

One way you can get a free iPhone test is by registering your details with Product Testing USA to stand a chance of being selected. You should sign up for their scheme to agree with their terms and conditions. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Sign Up Today” button and fill in your details. You will be contacted via email if selected as a reviewer.
  2. Complete questionnaire by working through the offer based questionnaire to fully complete your registration.
  3. Get the product if selected as the reviewer, which will be confirmed through your email. You will then be sent the product or gift card. Requirements include a 500+ word written review, video review and photos.

Is Amazon giving free iPhones?

Amazon is not giving free iPhones although there are many scammers out there who are trying to lure internet users into believing that they can get free phones from Amazon.

Amazon gives free credits, gift cards, music, audio books, movies, free items for review and other stuff but you have to use the right channels. To get some of Amazon prizes but not all, you have to subscribe to Amazon Prime. 


You will need to research a little further to get a legit iPhone X giveaway. Very few companies can afford to give free iPhone X devices as most internet users are lured into believing. Luckily, there are genuine iPhone X giveaways that give you an opportunity to win various prizes including iPhones. However, it is a good idea to conduct comprehensive research to avoid sharing your personal details and contact information to scammers.

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