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Would you like to draw $1000 every hour? If you want, then do not wait to enter into the iheartradio contest $1000 Giveaway. Because most people, the states have some wishes to complete but failed due to the lack of budget. So, try to check your luck in the mega contest by the heart.

Iheartradio Contest $1000

The contest will start on the 4th of September, 2020. The administrators will allow the three members in a day and 12 more for the national residents in the United States America. Here is the complete method to apply for the award. It is not a big task to become part of it.

Limit to Apply for Prize

The maximum age, which is declared by the sponsor of the competition, is only 18 years. Moreover, it would help if you belonged to any states of the United States America. There is no restriction to apply by using a specific platform. You can apply by calling the authority through the email address and using the task’s official online page. Do not put any fake data. It may disqualify you for all your life.

What to do?

It is mandatory to listen to the radio of the Iheartstation to get the codeword of the prize. No matter who is the host of the program? It would be best if you listened to all the voices carefully; at the end of the hour, the host will announce the secret code for you. The show remained to continue from a specific time in a day. Moreover, follow all the instructions that are said by the hosts for you. Get the code and open the link of the sweepstakes to add there. After second, a message of conformation will come on your cell phone.

How to Enter the Contest

It is an easy way to avail of the chance of the price. You must listen to the Iheartradio.com from 7 AM to 10 PM during the seven days of the week. The hosts will announce the secret and designated code for the listeners. You could get the code after every hour if you failed to find the one at any time; after getting it put it into the Sweepstakes center to avail the chances of winning.


  1. It would help if you belonged to all the states of the USA since birth.
  2. If you posted wrong and fake information, you would disqualify by the sponsors and administrators.
  3. You are restricted from paying all the federal government’s taxes and local ones on the reward of the $1000.
  4. If you did not receive a response within the time of 60, the sponsors have the right to change the name into the other ones.
  5. Rule and laws could change, and you did not have any right to claim it in the court or any other one.
  6. If the envelope of the gifts looked torn, then do not open and return to the authority.
  7. The authority will not entertain if you gave the incorrect information during the time of the applying. It is all up to the applicants.
  8. Always use the official page and sites of the sweepstakes.
  9. You have only one chance to be part of the iheartradio contest in the whole life.
  10. The person below the age of 18 has no right to apply to the sponsors.
  11.  The decision body declaration is final. If by fault you left from the list, you cannot claim it.
  12.  All the payment will give you in the form of checks.

Online Method

If you do not have access to listening to the radio at a specific time, you may online do it when you free. It is so simple to participate as online and go to the Sweepstakes link to click on it. Put the designated code there and the request of registration also. An automatic response will come from the authorities to confirm your application.

Through Text

To check the confirmation about the application, you will receive a code from the 200200, which means you have successfully applied for the contest.  More than 40 rewards of $1000 will wait for you.

Who is the Sponsor of the Contest?

The official sponsors of the Iheartmedia and Entertainment are the Iheartradio $1000 Cash Giveaway 2020. It’s the main office located at 125 W 55th St 7th Floor, New York, NY 10019. We are not completely assured that when and why, the company changes the location of the office. You must update with the official page of the sweepstakes.

A detailed list of the Winners

The names of the award winner announced the sponsors and sent them to them in the envelope. There would be an official stamp over the paper of the envelope. Moreover, the address of the sender is the same as discussed above.

How to Contact?

Here are the four contact numbers to call them. These numbers may be changed so, and we are not 100% responsible for any inconvenience.

  • Studio Line: 866-900-1037
  • Traffic Line: 415-975-5555
  • Advertise Contact: 1-844-BUY-RADIO
  • Iheartradio 1,000 Dollar Give Away Contact Number: 200200

Sum Up

Due to many needs and much inflation in the entire world, Most people wanted some extra money to pay the loan and other utility bills at the end of the month. So, you have a precious chance to avail for the betterment of the monthly budget. If $1000 added to your account, then it will take real pleasure for the winners. The company will release 12 rewards through the check instruments.

All the procedures to apply for the iheartradio contest $1000 have described very carefully. A common man can also understand the method to win the lucky draw of $1000. But, please, if your age does not meet the requirements of the demand, then do not waste the time of you and give a chance to the real, applicable listeners.

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