How to get free stuff on Amazon- The Ultimate Guide

How to Get free stuff on Amazon. Try some simple steps to get tons of freebies on the largest online shop.

The Internet nowadays has become the most important thing in our life. Sometimes we have no options without surfing on the internet to get our desired products. It promises us to give all kinds of services and save our valuable time and as well as our money. Amazon is the leading online shop today. We often do not get our desired item in markets on in any other online shop.  So, there remains no alternative but to buy through Amazon. Most importantly we trust this particular online shop more than any other online shop on the internet.

Now, let’s come to the point. Today here you are going to know about some very simple things that you can apply to save full of your money to purchase items from Amazon. Yes, you got us. We are letting you know about some great tips that you can follow and get free stuff on Amazon. So, let’s continue.

Amazon produces Freebies!

Let us guess that you want a hundred-dollar item and you are going to purchase it through Amazon. But wait, if you can get it totally free of the coast, will it not be very much exciting? Who doesn’t want to save money? Amazon may be the biggest online retailer, but it doesn’t mean that they do not produce some freebies. Yes, it is right and true. You can really get some freebies on Amazon and save your money.

If you don’t know how to get those freebies, then this particular post is going to help you a lot. If you’re a beginner then read this post attentively and try these tips. You are really going to get a lot of free items and save a lot of money as well. Put your credit card away and get real free kinds of stuff from Amazon.

There are a lot of ways to get those freebies. You just need to know where you should look. Some great tips are given below in this post. Try them and grab your freebies.

You have to be worthy for purchasing free items

First of all, you need to be a citizen of the U.S otherwise you won’t be able to purchase anything at free. You need to be an Amazon Prime member that means you must have to have the Amazon Prime membership card. Secondly, you need to follow the rules given by Amazon. If you are a continuous buyer from Amazon, then you must know to say YES to those freebies. You need to try helping them to promote their items and brands. If you are requested to fill any kind of form or ask you to join in Facebook groups, then you just need to join in there for a few hours or days. Please be assured that any kind of information will be strictly private and safe. That’s all.

Now follow the tips given below.

01. Join Facebook Groups

You should join some Facebook groups powered by Amazon itself. They may offer you some products to test and review. You will be asked for which product you do prefer for yourself from those freebies. Those products are needed for tasting daily and hosted by Amazon. If you are an Amazon Prime member then you can avail the product and will get refunded by PayPal after you receive the product. Joining the group, you will know how they organize those freebies for promoting themselves. You will be asked to visit some websites to see the full list of the products and know how it works. You also can free apps that you can join to chat with other participants. You will get the link in the group.

Visiting the sites, you will know about the products. Once you join in one of the chat lists of a particular product, you will come to know the procedure to purchase the item. You should find some pinned post above in the chat and go to it. You may find the directions on how to get that particular item filling up a form given by Amazon.

If you like the product then you should let them know that you want the product for testing. You need to tap on “Opt-In” there and wait for the admin to tag you into the order list.

After you are tagged into the order list you can order that item for you by following some direction given there. That’s all.

How to get free stuff on Amazon

02. A Vine reviewer gets free stuffs

Do we know that you are thinking what is a Vine reviewer? maybe you haven’t heard of it before. Amazon Vine is actually a program by Amazon which gives free kinds of stuff to the consumers as a reward for an honest review of the products. There are some review sites that review products that are not released yet. You need to write true and honest reviews about those products.

If your amazon profile is rich and reputed because of giving honest reviews of products, then you will get noticed by the right people. Amazon Vine is by invitation only. You need to find ways to have a good ranking Amazon profile and you will get invitations.

Write fair, in-depth reviews about products and get free stuff on Amazon. To become a vine reviewer, you can search for tips that will help you increase the ranking of your profile.

03. Browse Free Music on Amazon

Amazon has thousands of MP3 downloads that can be downloaded and streamed free.

You will find there all kinds of music you love to listen to. There have been included hundreds of genres and a lot of language songs that can be streamed and downloaded anyone of anywhere. You can either filter the genres that you love to listen to or browse songs of your favorite singer or band. Also, you will find there recently released albums, songs by ratings and reviews of the listeners. That will help you to choose the best and up to date music.

If you have the Amazon prime access, you will find the exclusive music that Amazon keeps for its prime membership owners. You will find more than two million songs of different artists all over the world and the most important part is, no ads will bother you while streaming your favorite song. 

04. Free Sample Boxes Program

A great and easy way is the free sample program by Amazon for you to get kinds of stuff free without having to spend a single penny. You have probably never heard of it. You can purchase selected sample boxes of Amazon. And use it as a gift card by getting reimbursed for the coast of Amazon credit or equal value, only if you are an Amazon prime member. These boxes have everything from free products, free foods, free samples, and many other items found on Amazon. If you shop daily from Amazon, then you must have got free samples already.

Amazon has a rule of one of each sample for a customer, and that’s the limit. But they update it every year. If you want to have free stuff from Amazon, then this could be your best choice.

05. Kindle eBooks are free on Amazon

Amazon has concern for their customers. They provide Free Kindle eBooks for online readers. If you are an online reader then you must look for free kindle eBooks online. If you don’t have the Amazon Prime membership card, no worries you can read it for free. Amazon has thousands of free Kindle eBooks of different genres. You can visit the list by your favorite writer or genre and find what you look for.

You need to check the list very often because there are also limited-time free eBook offers that change daily. So be concerned about that.

If you are an Amazon prime Card owner then you will find more than 1000 free kindle eBooks along with magazines and a free monthly editor’s pick that you can read online and share with your family and friends as well as you can find the eBook library on Amazon and also borrow books from there for free.

06. Free Cloud Storage is available

Are you looking for some free cloud storage to keep your important documents, files, photos, videos, or something else? If Yes, then Amazon is giving you a 5GB cloud storage for free. You don’t have to buy cloud storage for dollars anymore. You can keep your important documents on Amazon free cloud storage now.

If you are an Amazon Prime member. Then you are getting unlimited storage for photos as well as the 5GB cloud storage added with it. Be assured that your photos, videos, and any other files are totally safe and secured there. So, not to worry. Many other sites also give free storage but Amazon is the most trustworthy among them.

07. Get Free Apps

You are getting thousands of free apps on Amazon. There are currently a lot of apps that you need to purchase for money but you can get them for free on Amazon. You can just simple search writing ‘apps’ in the search box and get them.  You can also filter them by genre and find whatever you’re looking for.

You get free apps for your IOS as well as for androids. If you have the prime access then you may find all sorts of apps to download for free.

08. Get Free Trials if you are a Student

Amazon offers free trials for the students for six months. If you have a student email address then you can easily get the Free Amazon Prime Student Trials for six months. You can enjoy free shipping, watch free movies, TV shows, listen to music, and read online books for free, no coupons, no promo codes. Also, you can get exclusive college discounts. You can cancel your membership at any time or can continue with paying the monthly charge. Once you end up with the six months trial.

The free trial can be a great experience with Amazon and you must love the trial for sure getting freebies from Amazon.

09. Get Free Gift cards and Amazon Credits

Amazon gift cards are like money that you can spend to buy things. The gift cards are worth for products to purchase. You can use the Amazon gift card only on Amazon and buy products that can be bought by gift cards only. 

Amazon Credits are actually money that Amazon puts in your account. You can use those Amazon credits to purchase any of the items on Amazon. The most interesting thing is, you can earn credits even you purchase a free item. Before they used to give 5-20 dollars credits for free trials and purchasing different items from Amazon. Amazon prime always gets this exclusive offer while they purchase a new item from there.

A few times in a year, Amazon has deals on Amazon Gift Cards. During this promotion, if you purchase anything using the Gift Card, you can get an additional 5-10 dollars gift card on top of that. You can apply them to your Amazon Prime account easily.

10. Free Audio Books and Enjoy Free Movies and TV shows

A consumer can find a lot of ways to listen to free audiobooks on Amazon. He just needs to be either a prime member or sign up for free trials.

Amazon Prime members can listen to a lot of audiobooks through the Audible app or the website. This particular app features a lot of audiobooks that can be found by genre added by some real audio stories.

If you don’t have the prime membership then you can have a free trial there and get the Audible app to listen to the interesting audiobooks.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you’ll get access to the Amazon prim video where you will get to enjoy thousands of movies and TV shows. Amazon Prime video produces you with the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows along with Bollywood, Dramas, and a lot of videos from all over the world.

You can also download any of the videos and enjoy them offline. No matter what you watch, you won’t be charged a penny.  

11. Get free Shipping

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you are going to enjoy free shipping in every product you order from Amazon. There is no minimum purchase rule for the prime members. Also, you can get it free one-day, same-day or even 2 hours shipping in some cities.

You need to have no concern about the shipping quality. They provide no rush shipping.

If you’re not a prime member then you need to pay an additional charge to have free shipping at your door.


Getting free stuff is always exciting for consumers. Everybody wants some free items and if it happens with the world’s largest online retailer then it becomes more interesting.  We are affiliated with these freebie providers and there is no way providing you these items on our own. We try taking people to these free kinds of stuff and make their shopping more exciting. So, stay tuned with for more freebies.

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