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Grocery Outlet is a corporation that owns 347 discounted grocery chain stores and supermarkets in the states of Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, California, and Idaho. Their main office is at Emeryville, California. They stock basic food products like eggs, vegetables, dairy and meat, drinks and beverages, general products, and personal care products which they retail at the lowest market price possible. They also offer their consumers a chance to buy gift cards that they can use to buy farm-fresh produce. Find out how to get the grocery outlet gift card, and gift a loved one or anyone in need to replenish their staple foods.

How to buy the grocery outlet gift card

Buying groceries is not everyone’s favorite pass time, however, with a grocery outlet gift card it gets easier as the person can buy all they want under one roof. The gift card which can only be used at the grocery outlet supermarkets, specifically for groceries can be bought from a variety of places including the grocery outlet website. The gift cards are not for a specific brand though as they keep changing their suppliers and buy products they sell directly from manufacturers.

To buy the grocery outlet gift card, you should ensure that you have a proper internet connection since the process is done online. These are the steps to follow

  • log onto their interactive website Grocery Outlet
  • Fill in your information
  • Add the amount you want to pay for the gift card, the minimum allowed is 10 dollars
  • Wait for shipping

Grocery outlet takes about four days to process your order and send the gift card to your email address or the address of the person you want to send to.

Why buy the grocery outlet gift card?          

Grocery outlet gift cards are not only affordable but help you to stay updated with their extremely cheap offers on the organic farm produce and baked foods sold at their stores. They stock products sourced from a variety of manufacturers and farmers thus giving you a diverse list of brands to select from. The biggest advantage of using this grocery outlet gift card is that it limits your expenditure to groceries thus takes care of a specific need for you so you won’t worry about spending that money on another item.

Ease of use

The grocery outlet gift card can be used easily, you just have to produce it at the grocery outlet chain store in your area and do your shopping

Great gift idea

Forget thinking about what you shall offer someone as a gift because the grocery outlet gift card has you covered


With the gift card, a person can pick the products they love using; it provides a choice to pick from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, if someone is a vegetarian, they can select only the items they can consume so you won’t make a mistake of adding in dairy products they wouldn’t use


The grocery outlet gift card which can be bought online can be used and is valid in any of their over 300 stores spread across different states in America

Fast deliveries

Grocery outlet offers legit gift cards and delivers them in a few business days. These gift cards then can be used to buy groceries online and speedy deliveries of the shopping done too

Great customer service

The company has provided a phone number 1-888-529-658 to help tackle all your questions, provide guidance on buying the grocery outlet gift card, and other services that include checking the balance on your gift card.

Factors to consider before buying the grocery outlet gift card

Before buying a grocery outlet gift card, you need to understand some basic facts which will help determine whether it is a relevant purchase for you. You should know that this gift card can only buy groceries therefore, you cannot pick an item that does not fall under the grocery category. You should:

  • Read the terms and conditions that grocery outlet has put in place for the purchase and use of their gift cards e.g. the minimum amount required to buy a gift card and activate it, for instance, they ask for one to pay a minimum amount of 10 dollars.
  • Know whether the gift card is accepted in the grocery outlet supermarket in your home area before buying the card
  • Research if your local grocery outlet store is accepting gift cards
  • Check the fees paid for acquiring a gift card and the number of cards you want so as to take advantage of any discounts given if you buy more
  • Find out if grocery outlet has after-sale services where you can call whenever faced with a problem, or need to inquire about the gift card balance or how to buy
  • See if the gift card has an expiry date or if it can be used over a long period of time
  • Calculate the shipping cost of the physical gift cards to you or friends and see if it fits your overall budget
  • Find out the hot daily/monthly deals, offers and discounts that Grocery Outlet is giving that will save you more money

Grocery Outlet supermarkets have changed the shopping industry in the states they operate in. Their introduction of the grocery outlet gift cards in the market is convenient as it is unique to grocery shopping. The card caters to an everyday basic need, limiting the expenditure to food items which is what makes it the best gift card anyone can ever receive or buy for future use.


The fact that you can shop online, and pick a store using the store locator on Grocery Outlet’s user-friendly website makes it a quick and efficient way to shop for your groceries at the comfort of your home. Buy the grocery outlet gift card online, order your fresh or repackaged supply of vegetables from brands you like, eat healthily, and save more money while at it. You can recommend to your circle so that they too have a good experience shopping.