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You have probably found yourself once in a while ordering drinks or snacks at your local Starbucks. Have you ever wondered how you can get free Starbucks without having to pay a single penny? The good news is that it may take a little work but you can surely grab Starbucks gift cards for free. You no longer have to pay $5 for a cup of coffee when there are several leeways to own a free gift card.

Free Starbucks Gift Card

While nothing in life comes for free, it is worth investing a few minutes of your time depending on what you want to obtain a free gift card. Let’s find out how you can get free Starbucks gift cards.

Free Starbucks Gift Card Generator 2020


Swagbucks ranks among the largest online research panels that reward participants who perform several tasks like playing games, completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and searching the internet.

Simply set aside a couple of minutes a day. You will surely find an easy way to grab a $5 or even $10 gift card before the end of the day. Payments are made through Swagbucks or SB. 500 Swagbucks which you can accumulate within no time are worth a $5 gift card.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards which is officially run by Microsoft is a quick way to earn free Starbucks gift cards. You are simply supposed to search Bing and perform other few tasks like participating in a poll question or checking some pictures.

Log in every day and earn up to 50 points. If you do this consistently, you can earn $5 gift cards on a monthly basis. This is a better option if you don’t like participating in surveys. However, don’t expect more than $10 a month even if you are very active.


MyPoints is a survey-like company that offers you an opportunity to earn points by participating in surveys. You will also get rewarded for watching videos, playing games, beta testing software, or shopping at stores. It is absolutely free to join MyPoints and the company has been in operation for more than 20 years.

Inbox Dollars

Just like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars offers you several options to earn points through completing surveys, completing offers, playing games, watching videos, and more. Focusing on survey sections will help you earn more points. With Inbox Dollars, you can get free Starbucks gift cards that are delivered into your inbox.

Aside from cash, Inbox Dollars can offer a free Starbucks gift card once you manage to earn enough points. The company normally offers $5 upon signing up and you will require a minimum of $30 in rewards to redeem.


Ibotta is a mobile application that can help you earn cash whenever you go shopping. It is supported on iPhone and Android mobile devices. Before you start shopping, perform a few tasks relating to your brands and companies. You should then visit stores like Walgreen and Target and capture images of your receipts. After your payment is verified, you will receive a specified cash back amount which is credited to your account. You can even earn more by referring your friends.

Payments are made through PayPal and Venmo but you can also purchase Starbucks gift cards. To buy a Starbuck gift card, you should have a balance of $20. New users are eligible to receive a bonus of $10 upon signing up.


This is a simple application that allows you to snap photos of receipts and upload them while you are logged in. Once your upload is validated, you will be rewarded with points. Your accumulated points can be redeemed for a variety of gift card options, such as Starbucks.

The app is completely free to download and worth trying. However, it may take a while to accumulate points and earn $5.


This is a great way to have fun and being rewarded or it. LifePoints allows you to earn points by participating in online surveys at any time and location. Signing up is absolutely free and you can redeem your accumulated points for a number of free gift cards, including Starbucks. The company has paid out more than $32 million to its members. This makes it one of the most reputable survey companies on the internet.

Branded Surveys

With Branded Surveys, you have numerous redemption options, such as Starbucks gift card. All you have to do is to fill out your personal profile and wait for survey invitations. You will earn points whenever you participate in a survey. The surveys you will be invited to participate are determined by your personal profile. Once you accumulate enough points, you can either cash out or grab a Starbuck gift card.

How can I get a free Starbucks gift card?

You can get a free Starbuck gift card by simply signing up for free on the platforms we have listed above. To sign up, you will just need your email and a password of your choice.

After signing up, you should fill your personal information. You should then start accumulating points by performing simple tasks like completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, researching and more.

You can then redeem your accumulated points for a free Starbuck gift card.

Can you get $5 Starbucks Gift Cards?

Apart from signing up and completing simple tasks online, you can purchase a $5 Starbucks gift card in various online stores, such as Amazon.

How can I get legit gift cards for free?

There are numerous ways to get legit gift cards for free. Examples include:

  • Refer your friends for services or credit cards of your choice
  • Sell out your old electronic gadgets in exchange for free gift cards at Walmart, Target, and others.
  • Cash out your accumulated points from research panels we have listed above and others
  • Participate in survey sites
  • Use receipt scanning apps
  • Use cashback applications

Does Starbucks have $10 Gift Cards?

Starbucks gift cards are available in a variety of options including multi-packs. The different options make Starbucks gift cards convenient for purchasing various items like tea, coffee, desserts, snacks, or even accessories at Starbucks stores. In addition, some gift cards are refillable.

Can you really win a free gift card online?

There are online sites offering free gift cards, including the ones we have listed above. All you need to do is sign up and fill your personal information. Some will offer sign-up bonuses. You should then perform some simple tasks, and accumulate redeemable points. The more frequently you use these sites, the higher the payout.

How can I get free gift cards fast?

Signing up is free and very fast by simply providing your name, email address, and creating your password. Filling up your personal information should take you only a few minutes.

Can I print a Starbucks gift card?

You can print your Starbucks gift card if you have access to a printer. It is not a must to print it in color.

What is the minimum amount for a Starbucks gift card?

The minimum amount you can load on your Starbucks card at any time is typically $5. The total value you can load should not exceed $10,000 per day.

Does Amazon sell Starbucks gift cards?

Starbucks gift cards are available on Amazon as well as other online stores. You can get a wide selection at low prices every day. 


If you would like to be enjoying drinks and snacks at Starbucks without spending a penny, sign up to these sites and complete some simple tasks to get redeemable points. You won’t break a sweat to complete surveys, watch videos, play video games and more and swap your free Starbucks gift card when you order your favorite dish.

There are many people who are enjoying free services at Starbucks without digging into their pockets. Why not you? Register today and you won’t miss out on numerous offers that will come your way.

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