extratv.com Sweepstakes – Base Free Stuff

Do you like to win all the prizes of the Extratv Com giveaway? If you want to take a chance freely, then stay with us till the end of the content. I have manipulated all the essential information to produce good detail for the viewers. You have to follow all the given instructions to apply for the tasks. Moreover, you must be residents of the United States of America. All the terms and regulations of the prize are the same. Let’s starts with the 1st one.


The maximum value of the prize for Extra TV Horn Cofee is up to $800, and it started in August. You can only apply for one time. If you tried to provide scam data, then you will find it by the authority. On the other hand, the five luckiest people have consisted of rewards.


  • Every prize composed of $100 cards of gift to purchase from the official site of the horncofee.com
  • A set of the shatterproof included the free wheat straw mugs of coffee.
  • There is a container of one black mat storage for the Horn Cofee & Co Cofee.


It is only for the United States of America’s legal and local residents, including all the 50 states and the District of Columbia. If you belong to the territory of Puerto Rico, then you are not eligible for the contest. However, if you are under 18, then do not waste time in the submission process.


In this sweepstakes, the value of the prize raised to $35,00, which started in June. You have only one chance to apply for the Extra TV trip. A free trip to the Planet Hollywood beach resort in Costa Rica! “Extra” is giving a picnic for the 4 Hollywood planet in the Beach resort in Costa Rica among a friend.


It is only the residents of the territory excluded from the list of the contest. Moreover, your age must be 18 or over it. All the residents of 50 states are eligible to become part of the sweepstakes.


The amount of the prize is $500 for the extra TV Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer giveaway. You cannot apply only one time in the entire life, and it will expire on the 2nd of May of the same year.

Five printers will give five luckiest people. If you found in the list of the random drawing.


All fifty states of the United States have a chance to enter the competition, but they must be 18. If you found fake during the data checking, you will disqualify for the next coming life. One thing account that only the territory of Puerto Rico’s resident did not add to the appliers list.


The value of the prize for Extra TV Universal Orlando jumped to $37,500 that is a big amount for anyone to fulfill his dreams. Furthermore, you can win the trip to the Resort of Universal Orlando, which is an amazing place in the entire world. The scene of the coaster in that zone will amuse in the first look. Most of the parks in that area are impressible and the hotels in the resort also.

You can stay there for 4 to 5 days and night without paying any coins to the administrators.


All the well-known fifty states of the US are eligible to apply for the trip contest. Your age must be 18 of more than it. Please, do not fill the wrong information into the submission form because the sponsors and official know everything about the applicants.


The final month to apply for the reward of Extra TV ANN Taylor Gift Card is April with the prize value of only $500. You can enter the competition for only one time in your lifetime. More than five friends can get a prize of $100. This amount is much lower than all the other giveaway shows.


A resident of the United States of America who belonged to all the prominent states has a chance to fill the entrant for getting the reward. Do not waste time if your age is under 18. We have seen in the past all the scam person disqualified by the officials.


The prize’s worth is up to $400, and it will expire on the 22nd of April in the same year. Do not take a chance if you enter the data in the past. If you were eligible, you must be a lucky person for an iPhone and Handle smartphone. It is only for the five persons.


The Extra TV iPhone Giveaway is open for all the residents of the USA but only excluded for excluding the territory of Puerto Rico. However, your age must be reached 18, and you did not take part in the competition before it.

How to Enter?

It is very simple to join the party to win the contest of the iPhone. You have to visit the official site and get the submission page to enter the required data. One thing considers that if anyone asked to purchase for it, then it is a scam. To buy it does not mean that your chances to win the reward increased.

You should complete the requirement of the sponsors. The draw of the reward will do randomly by the administrators and sponsors. If you found on the list, you will get a call or email from the authority. They will give only ten days to respond to it. Then, it might chances that any other picked from the place of you which is under the list.


The value of the Extra TV ultimate Sports weekend Sweepstakes set to $2,500. There is only one chance for a person in the whole life. It is really fun for the two friends. You can enjoy 4 nights from the last date of Feb. to the 4th of the March next month.


  • You have one chance in life and the same for the household.
  • The limit of the age is 18.
  • Residents of the United States.


The Prize value for the Extra TV JCPENNEY GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY is only $1000. It expired in May of the same year. Do not leave the chance to win the prize of $1k. Ten friends could be the luckiest persons from the whole state.


  • It would be best if you aged reached 18.
  • A resident of 50 states of the US.
  • You are applying for the first time from the same household.

Official Rules by the Sponsors

Almost all the rules and regulations are the same in the whole contest of the Extra TV giveaway. But, you have to know some laws from the administrators.

  • You will email through the sponsors.
  • Check your email status daily without any interval.
  • All the taxes of the federal government and local ones applied to the whole amount of the cash.
  • You did not have any right to claim over the decision of the jury.
  • Ten days will give to all the winners; otherwise, the jury can take any other applicant.
  • If you migrated to the US from any other country before some time, then do not waste your precious time to enter the contest.
  • Go to the official site of the given 8 Extra TV giveaway prizes, and follow the instructions.
  • If you entered the wrong data like add the incorrect email address and residential address, your application would not process. Moreover, you are disqualified by the authority.

Final words of Extratv Com giveaway

I tried my best to provide good detail about all the giveaway products in the above. Extratv Com giveaway is one of the best spots to check your luck. If we match all the rules and laws for applying any type, I failed to get the difference in all of them. Moreover, the other information also added as per the needs of the viewers. However, if you still have any question in your mind about all the products, then you can visit the relative official site for getting more descriptions.

After checking all the prizes’ values, I would like to ask you to become part of all because it might chance that you could be the winner of anyone. So, it will help to maintain the budget due to much-rising prices nowadays. A single member from the entire house can fill the bio-data in the form on the site. Please do not use any data from others because you will automatically find them in the computer’s record. Due to the random draw, there is no chance to favor any specific person.