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Dollar tree is one of the longest-serving chain stores in North America and Canada. Who sell most items under a dollar though some items may be priced a little higher. Dollar tree has over 10000 stores spread across North America. And sources their items ranging from household goods, cleaning tools and supplies, toys, food, cosmetic and beauty products, stationery. And all others directly from major manufacturers for their target market. They are also big on gift items and party supplies, including their own Dollar tree gift cards redeemable at any dollar tree store.

Dollar tree gift cards

Where to buy a gift card?

Dollar Tree gives the best offers on gift cards which cost as little as one dollar. Their gift cards come in a variety of cool designs that you can choose from and can be customized to a specific occasion; birthday, Christmas, adventure and so much more. The dollar tree gift cards can be bought from their stores in your area and online through their website.

They have no limit as to how many gift cards you can order therefore bulk orders are allowed, and they send them at no cost to the recipient. Dollar tree customer care makes purchasing their gift card easy as they cater to all your needs and help serve more than 20 orders.

Ensure you write the correct email address when you are buying the card to prevent it from being sent to the wrong person especially when purchasing online. If you encounter any problems with your card or checking the balance on your dollar tree gift card, feel free to call their customer service number for help and replacements.

Why buy the dollar tree gift card?

The Dollar Tree gift cards are not your ordinary gift cards. These are gift cards that build your anticipation for an item you will find at the local store near you at one dollar. While they allow you to shop for whichever item you like at the cheapest price, there are many advantages to using the gift card.

  • Dollar tree gift cards do not expire, so it is the most timeless gift card you can offer a friend. You do not have to worry that it will expire once you have used up every cent on it or that time has elapsed.
  • You can always add more money to your gift card at any given time for your usage. When you check your dollar tree gift card balance and find that it is running low, you can reload it with more money.
  • It offers a wide variety of designs to choose from. A dollar tree gift card is not as monotonous as all other gift cards; they are unique and suit different occasions. If you want a birthday gift card, a dollar tree is the best place to get a particular one.

birthday gift card

  • They offer free shipping if you shop online, so if your local dollar tree store lacks the item you want. It can be shipped at no cost to your local store, which is more convenient for you to do a pick-up.
  • The experience it gives of a treasure hunt gives you the best deals and surprises so you can always be assured of finding the product you were thinking of ordering at the lowest price.
  • Dollar tree gift cards can be redeemed at any of the thousands of chain stores without any trouble. They are accepted in all Dollar Tree stores in North America.
  • You can order as many gift cards as you want as they have no limits on the number of cards you can buy
  • They are a reliable brand that has been in existence for over 30 years to understand the market and can be trusted to have your interest at heart.

How to check the balance on your dollar tree gift card

You know those embarrassing moments which hit someone at the cashier because their card does not have enough money to pay for products on their trolley? Or the one that forces you to take out some items from your list/online cart so that the gift card amount can fit the budget to pay for a few items?

It can all be avoided especially if you know that you hardly carry cash around and have a fixed budget. Before using your dollar tree gift card, you should check out the amount available on the card. It is advisable to check the balance after expenditure and hopefully budget for items that can be bought with your balance or reload it before heading out for shopping. All you need to have is your dollar tree gift card number, and the pin once asked. The process is simple and can be done in four ways:

  • Check the remaining amount at the register by walking in into any dollar tree store near you.
  • Dial the number (+18004269132) given at the back of the gift card, introduce yourself, make the inquiry about your gift card and an attendant will speak to you
  • Check your receipt; the balance and the used-up amount are always printed on the receipt after shopping.
  • Fill in your card number and pin on their online gift card page and check the balance.


Dollar tree gift cards introduce you to unbeatable deals, surprises, and offers on every type of product every other day. To take advantage of this, all you have to do is buy the dollar tree gift card, choose a design you want, and wait for it to be mailed to you. Or walk into a dollar store near you and buy a gift card which you can use to purchase items available to gift card owners every week. Remember, you can gift anyone the card for their special occasion. Check your Dollar tree gift card balance if you have bought it already and are using it. Buy the dollar tree gift card and own some amazing brand name products at $1 or less.

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