Free $500 Visa Gift Card-Get It Totally Free Now

How to get a free $500 Visa gift card? Paying bills and buying every day to day items is a huge responsibility. Filling the gas in your vehicle, shopping for groceries, paying hotel bills, renting a car, the list never stops growing and the bills keep piling. We tend to desire a helping hand to settle them and gravitate towards offers that can help save any money or spend a little.

The magic word today is free, free $500 visa gift card to use on any expenditure. Visa gift cards are a convenient and secure way to pay for your expenses wherever you are. They’re valid anywhere and can be replaced if lost or misplaced.

Usually, the visa gift card is purchase from third party merchants. And a fee paid to depend on the card value is the charge. You will then attach your debit card information from where the bank will credit the amount you want to go to the free visa gift card.

A visa gift card is a present suitable for any age and person who can then use it to buy what they need the most without worrying, as long as they do not go over the limit.

Places to get the free $ 500 visa gift card

Online websites are the best places to win or earn a free 500$ visa gift card. With your phone or computer, you can find the most trusted and top sites that provide users with opportunities to earn the visa gift card. Become a pro at using websites, surveys, and cashback sites to get a visa gift card and save most of the money you would have otherwise used on daily expenses. Listed below are the main and proven ways to get your first and subsequent 500$ visa gift cards.


Take some time to answer a few questions on popular survey sites. Who then reward you with the visa gift card. After sometime when the threshold has been reached. It is a rewarding experience to answer questions that won’t take too much of your time, and earn from it. Use Branden Surveys, Pinecone Research, Pointclub, and any other recommended site. That delivers on the promise to gift you a visa card once the survey is done.

Cashback sites

Cashback sites provide you a platform to watch videos, play games, do surveys, and shop to get the free visa gift card. These cashback site systems accumulate your points on their website. Which are converted to dollars? Then credited to your visa gift card. The most common sites to earn from a free 500$ visa gift card is Swag bucks and Fetch Rewards which have been reviewed by different users

Referrals on websites

How often do you refer a person to buy from a specific site? Use that chance to earn points to your visa gift card that can be converted into money you can use. Each time you refer a person who uses your personalized code or link to buy a product, you stand a chance to win a free 500$ gift card.

Receipt scanning

Do you keep your receipts after doing your daily, weekly, or monthly shopping? If you aren’t you should start doing it. Because receipt scanning is the easiest way to earn yourself a free $500 visa gift card. for even more shopping. Keep a record of your receipts, scan them and log onto sites such as ReceiptPal whose core business is to let you upload your shopping receipts and get some free money.

Keep in mind that you should always check the type of receipt required i.e. gas station receipt and the specific store that offers the free gift visa card. Receipt scanning allows you to earn a visa gift card for your loyalty to a particular store

Email submissions

Get lucky and write an email to a company and retrieve a free 500$ visa gift card coupon for the first email sent or the first that led to a conversion on their services or products. This is a slow method that works

Product website reviews

Buy a product, review it on the website you bought it from or other sites with high numbers of visitors who read reviews. The companies can therefore gift you a free 500$ visa gift card for your reviews.

How to activate the visa gift card

You have received your first complimentary free $500 visa gift card, the hard part now is deciding where to spend the money. If you shall spend it on food and groceries, buy fuel, gift another person, or get that spa treatment and massage for your body. The first step is to activate it for immediate use. Check the expire of the visa gift card. To avoid being locked out of redeeming it when the time elapses. To activate the visa gift card, follow these simple steps.

  1. Call the phone number printed on the card to have an attendant activate it for you and confirm your details.
  2.  For an online free visa gift card, enter the card information, a 16-digit number, and your pin to set it up.

It’s good practice to track the amount of money the visa gift card. Before spending just to be sure it has the exact $500 reward. After using your visa gift card to pay for an item. Sign in to prevent another person from using your information. Don’t share your card details especially the pin with anyone. The last thing you need is falling victim to scammers.


Visa gift cards can be used everywhere. Visa payment is accepted all over the World. From malls, gas stations, car rentals, hotels, grocery stores, and anywhere you want to do your shopping. They’re a secure means to pay for stuff and an excellent gift for anyone despite their age.

 Imagine, how easy it is to get a free 500$ visa gift card, to spend however you like! Sounds exciting, right? Follow these steps and be on your way to get more money and accumulate more rewards for a hassle-free shopping experience.

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